Red Mist

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Author: Patricia Cornwell (Click to search)
Series: Dr Kay Scarpetta mystery (Click to search)
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
ISBN: 9780751543971 (0751543977) 
Format: Book /  Paperback (Click to search for other formats)
Publication Date: 26-Apr-2012
RRP:  8.99 GBP
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RRP: 8.99 GBP
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The 19th Kay Scarpetta thriller is a terrifying portrait of a killer like no other.

Bertrams Buyer's Notes:

The 19th thriller to feature Kay Scarpetta, this is a terrifying portrait of a killer like no other. Scarpetta arranges to meet an inmate at the high security Georgia Prison for Women, a convicted sex offender and the mother of a vicious killer. She believes the inmate may have answers to the murder of her former deputy, but soon finds connections to a string of grisly killings... Cornwell has sold nearly 8 million in the UK alone.

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