Bertram Publisher Services: Our services

Your distribution solution

Bertram Publisher Services (BPS) provides distribution solutions for a range of publishing and book industry clients, exploiting its unique position at the heart of  the book industry supply chain. Bertrams are specialists in reaching the independent sector and in servicing online retailers. We can complement key account management from head office and cut costs for publishers in the UK and abroad.

Information is key to managing your business

BPS provides a data management system to create an end to end information solution for publishers looking to save costs, provide better reporting and improve service.

Who we are

Bertrams has three divisions: Bertrams, the UK's leading wholesaler; Bertram Library Services, an industry leading supplier of books and audio-visual products to public libraries, schools, universities and educational institutions in the UK and around the world; and Bertram Publisher Services. Close links forged over the last 40 years with industry information suppliers, POD printers, other distributors and book trade customers mean we are uniquely able to interpret clients' and customers' needs. We employ over 700 staff. In 2009 Bertrams was sold to Smiths News, the UK's leading news and magazine distributor.


Working closely with our clients, we aim to understand and respond to the needs of each individual business in Operations, Credit Control and Customer Services. Bertrams' call centre has experience of a wide range of media clients and their needs, as well as long established relations with trade customers.

Financial Security

BPS offers a fully  consolidated sales ledger with authoritative and experienced staff. Prompt monthly statements for customers and reports for clients increase cash collection efficiencies.