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How To Guide: Bertrams.com

How to get the most out of Bertrams.com - Accessible, user-friendly with enhanced features, find out how to use the site and all the features here:

Logging On

1. The log-in facility is located at the top right of your browser
2. Remember to log on before accessing the functions under ‘My Account’
3. You can now log off without having to close down your browser

Once you have logged on you have full access to the great range of new functions and our full bibliographic database on bertrams.com. The website is a useful and practical one-stop shop for all your questions. It can help you with a wide range of queries such as invoice and credit enquires, monitoring the progress of your order, checking availability and discounts, exporting your dues to a handy excel format, searching for titles by ISBN, title and now category and a practical multi-line ordering function that enables you to place orders from your own spreadsheets. Read on to find out more about the functions available to you.

How to Search

The ‘Product Search’ box in the top left of your screen still remains, enabling you to search for titles by ISBN, Title or Author.
The ISBN search function now enables you to enter hyphenated ISBN’s.

How to Search on Bertrams.com

Useful features of the product page include

1. The product type icon in the top right corner of your screen gives an indication of the type of product you’re looking at, for example a book, CD, book and CD, DVD etc.
2. Additional Search icons next to author and format allow you to search for other books by that author and in that format.
3. If you already have the ISBN on order you will see the orders button which will allow you to jump directly to the backorders view for the ISBN.
4. There are 2 new order options available to you on the product pages and throughout the new website. These are: Order Now: creates a 1 line purchase order. This will be added to your dues to be consolidated with your order later that day
5. Add to Basket: adds the items to the basket you have currently selected at the top right of your screen
6. The icons next to the RRP show you the discount you can expect to receive on the title you are viewing.
7. (upwards arrow icon): there is a promotional discount available on this title (tick icon): you will receive your standard terms on this title (downwards arrow icon): this is a short discount title.
8. Hover your cursor over each arrow or click to get a clearer indication of the discount you will receive for that title.

Category Explorer

Your product search has now been made even easier with the addition of the ‘Category Explorer’ option under ‘My Account.’
You can use this page to search for books by category. Click on the category you would like to search by, or alternatively select the + icon to further sub-divide a subject category.
The category list that appears has automatically been organised by bestseller rating, with the bestselling book for that subject at the top of your list. If you would prefer for your category listing to be sorted by one of the green subject headers simply click on the header you would like to sort by.

Your Shopping Basket: How To Buy & Multi-Line Ordering

To place orders using bertrams.com you will find it most convenient to create your own shopping basket.
Click on ‘Create Basket’ in the top right of your screen. You will then be asked for a basket name, simply enter a name and create your basket.
You can create more than one basket by clicking on ‘Create Basket’ again.
Once you have created more than one basket you will need to select the basket you would like your orders to be added to. To do this click on the grey drop down icon at the top of your screen and select the basket you want to use. This might be helpful if you would like to create one basket for stock orders and perhaps one for customer orders.

To view the contents of your basket as you build up orders click on ‘View Basket’. This will give you all the bibliographic information you need for titles in your basket, along with the discount and status of each title.

Your Shopping Basket

When you go to view your basket you will notice it has a Basket Name. This will be the purchase order no. for your basket. You can use the Rename Basket icon to give the basket your own customer order reference.
1. Underneath each title there is also a space to add a specific customer line reference. If you are creating a customer order basket this might be really helpful if you want to track books back to a customer name.
2. There is also an option to specify if you would like to put a title on backorder or not.
3. The Promotion Codes icon will show you all promotions that are relevant to the titles currently in your basket. This allows you to buy at the best possible price for your order. Simply select the promotion you would like to apply. The titles to which a promotion has been applied will then be highlighted in green.
4. Download Order transports your basket into an excel file
5. Import Order allows you to import an order from a csv file. You can import your file with the following fields:
   ISBN, Qty
   ISBN, Qty, Line Reference
   ISBN, Qty, Line Reference, Backorder Flag Y/N
   Each field must be in a separate column and the file saved as csv
   To find your file click Browse and then Import Order
6. If you don't use Bertline or THEsis you could now use a simple barcode scanner to scan your daily sales into an application like NOTEPAD or Excel and then upload this directly to your shopping basket at the end of the day.
7. The cut & paste function is still available if you prefer to import titles directly into this box. This can be entered using the same options as above.
8. Items can be moved between baskets. Simply click the select box next to an item in your basket, click ‘Move Selected’ and chose your target basket. This might be useful when trying to reach a minimum order value for one of our promotions.

Please Remember
1. Whenever you add an item to your basket, or make any changes you need to 'save basket'
2. A stock item has not been allocated to you until you have checked your basket out
3. Once you have checked out you will be given a Bertrams order reference. This is the reference that will appear in the order tracker, along with your PO number



When you are happy with the selections you have made in your basket you are ready to proceed to the checkout, simply proceed to the 'checkout' icon.
You will then be taken to our order acknowledgement screen, this will provide you with confirmation of your order including the discount and status of the items on order.


Order Tracker

Is available to view under ‘My Account’ The order tracker allows you to view all open orders and orders placed in the last 6 weeks, even if they are not available or have been cancelled.

Order tracker

The fields you can see in this screen are
1. Order ID: Bertrams Internal order No.
2. Customer Ref: Customer PO No.
3. Order Status: Shows if you have any open lines on order
4. By clicking on Order ID you can view the details of your order. You can find out your estimated discount, item status and how you placed the order.

Order tracker

Under the Current Status tab on the right you can click on the various sub-headers to view further detail on your order.
1. Click on supplied (highlighted in green) to view a summary of your invoice.
2. Click on dues (highlighted in yellow) to view the status of a book.
3. Click on subsequently cancelled (highlighted in red) to view why a title was cancelled and the cancellation source.
4. The Order Audit Details section at the bottom of your page provides information on the source of your order. If you placed the order via our Customer Services team it will give you the user ID of the team member and if you placed the order via EDI it will provide a reference and file name.

Invoices & Credits

1. You can use this option to view all invoices and credits
2. Simply select the invoice no. you would like to view in more detail
3. The ‘Printable View’ option allows you to reprint invoices and credits easily without having to contact our Customer Services department
4. You can also track orders using the ‘Parcel Tracking’ icon
5. The DHL Parcel Tracking section at the bottom of the screen links you directly to the DHL website using the DHL Tracking click through
6. The Carton Contents click through will show you the detail for each box on the order you are viewing, so that you know which books are in each box without opening them. You will find the carton number on the carton lable of each box. This will allow you to quickly find customer orders in large deliveries without opening every box.


Exporting your dues and backorders

Select the backorder tab on the left under ‘My Account’ this will show you all current backorders.

Dues and backorders

1. The ‘show ready’ icon will show you all open dues ready to be sent with your next order
2. The ‘show on order’ icon will show you any items on order currently outstanding
3. You can also download backorders directly to a CSV or excel file by clicking on the Download icons
4. You now have the facility to cancel individual backorders using the cancel button on the right hand side of the screen.
5. Your backorders can also be sorted using any of the green headers. Simply click on RRP, Title, Status, PO Ref. etc. or any header that you would like to see you dues arranged by.

Promotions Explorer

You can use this option to view all current promotions
Simply click on ‘Promotions Explorer’ under ‘My Account’ and select the promotion you would like to use.
1. Each promotion will need a separate basket
2. You can sort each promotion by the green column headers. This would be useful if you want to find out the bestsellers in a category – all you would need to do is click on the Star Rating header.
3. This screen will also show you if an item is already on order in a separate promotion, look under the ‘Qty In Other Baskets’ column.