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About Bertline

For support during the covid-19 crisis please see the Bertline knowledge base here.

Booksellers are brilliant, passionate advocates of amazing books, hubs of their community and quite often baristas, event organisers and children’s storytellers. The modern book shop can be many things and retailers need to be on top of their game in the current retail environment. Bertline 10 has been developed and refined over the years with and for booksellers; it’s been crafted to answer those difficult questions that customers ask and to help you find the answer that maybe google can’t, combining your knowledge with the help of our booksellers’ best friend, Bertline.

With more bookshop users than all the other bookselling systems in the UK put together, Bertline is the first choice for new bookshop owners. It’s also the most likely to be installed second, after another system has been tried and found wanting. There are loads of reasons booksellers love Bertline, a few are here, but the best way to find out what they think is to ask another bookseller, give us a call on 01603 648321 and we’ll be happy to put you in touch.

"In my 25 years in bookselling I can honestly say that Bertline is the most user-friendly EPOS system I have ever used."
- Andy Rossiter, Rossiter Books

Seven Reasons to Love Bertline

Seven Reasons

Bertline Install - BrOOK'S Pinner

"Thank you @Bertline10 for the installation and training. It's been a fabulous few days learning from you and fun too." - Sarah, BrOOK's Pinner

Loyalty & Gift Cards

Reward your customers for their business with custom loyalty cards provided by Bertline

Key Features:

Loyalty Cards

- Brand new, fully automated loyalty card scheme coming soon
- Fully integrated with Bertline, with a simple, no-hassle set-up
- Easy to use - simply scan the loyalty card as part of your till transaction
- Fully customisable cards, with options to add your bookshop logo and design
- No extra customer set-up required - simply add the loyalty card number to the customer account via the brand new data field
- Complete editing options are available, enabling you to set the advantage points for your customers and make any changes within minutes
- Compatible for multi-branch use, with all loyalty points data being stored in the cloud - your customers can save points no matter which branch they shop in
- A print on demand service is available, with fast lead times from ordering to receiving your cards in store
- Biogdegradable or recycle plastic options also availbable. All cards are re-usable

To register interest to the brand new loyalty card scheme, please contact:

Telephone: 01603 648321
Email: bertlinesupport@bertrams.com

Contact Us

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