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Bertrams have been working for some years to reduce our impact on the environment, both in our warehouse operations and our offices, and in the last year or so, we’ve really been looking hard at our marketing operations to make our footprint on the planet as light as possible.

By buying your books from a wholesaler, you are already using a single source of supply from a number of publishers, reducing the need for multiple deliveries and additional packaging. We’d like to tell you a little more about how we, at Bertrams, are taking that green approach to bookselling a little bit further.

Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials- We relaunched Booktime in January on gorgeous Forestry Commission Certified (FSC) paper stock, and following the overwhelmingly positive response to that initiative from booksellers and readers alike, we have followed up with using FSC paper for Summer Books and Books for Christmas
- From January 2019 all trade marketing materials will also be printed on FSC / PESC paper
- Buyers Notes : our monthly “bible” for new titles will be in a new, greener format, printed on FSC paper. We’ll supply this in a monthly pack with other relevant marketing material, dramatically reducing the number of mailings per year
- We’re also going to use poly-wrap with an EU certified home compostable starch bioplastic, as used by the National Trust and RSPB to bag the pack together
- Deals – this monthly publication will move online, with information on stop press and this month’s titles available through quick click ordering
- Lower print quantities have been achieved by smarter targeting to relevant customer groups allowing us to only print and send what’s really being read and used.

Summer Books Books for Christmas All FSC Products Booktime World Book Day



- Our new loyalty and gift cards will be in a green format, further reducing the use of plastics
- We launched our Christmas paper bags made from FSC paper, reducing the need for single use plastics and offering an attractive gift bag for the season
- Bookish paper bags are on their way for 2019, which will be available to order in packs from Bertrams stock.

Christmas Bags


Warehouse- We recycle as much as we can throughout the company including all plastic wrapping, paper, confidential waste and water dispenser cups. We also recycle all our goods in packaging, which is an awful lot of boxes!
- We use lots of recycled materials in our operations including all our pallets, carton infill packaging, customer invoices and general office printing
- We have a 'think before you print' policy throughout the company, reducing paper and ink use significantly in the last year
- An LED lighting replacement programme throughout the warehouse has significantly lowered total energy use
- Our customers are even coming up with innovative ways to reuse their packaging from orders, like keeping Hedgehogs cosy at their local rescue centre!

Hedgehogs - Kenilworth Books


If you have any ideas about how we can continue to develop in this important space,
please get in touch on
marketing@bertrams.com, we’d love to hear from you.

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