IBG Promotional Details

Membership of the IBG brings you 50 key titles each month, all at greatly enhanced discounts, chosen via a voting survey completed by participating members. In order to make the IBG as flexible and varied as possible, we’re putting you in charge: you choose the titles that you want to sell. And in order to give you as much time as possible to prepare for promotions, the IBG is synchronised with our Buyer’s Notes schedule, so you’ll always know about the titles two months ahead of publication.

Traditional IBG Offer

  • 30 IBG adult titles and 20 children’s titles will be available each month at a minimum of 50% discount
  • As an IBG member you will be expected to take a minimum of 30 books from the promotion each month
  • However, which titles you take and what quantities is up to you. For instance, you could take 1 each of 30 titles or 30 of a single title

Childrens IBG Offer

  • 20 IBG children’s titles will be available each month at enhanced discounts
  • As a children’s IBG member you will be expected to take a minimum of 20 books from the children’s promotion each month.
  • However, which titles you take and what quantities is up to you. For instance, you could take 1 of each title or 20 of a single title.


  • An email will be sent to IBG members on the last Friday of each month outlining the promotional titles and discount, along with an order form.
  • The order form will need completing and returning to Bertrams’ customer service team either by fax, post or email within a week and a half of receiving the email, stating which 30 books (min) you would like to order (or 20 for children’s members).
  • Our Customer Service team will then add the copies to your dues and the titles will be despatched as soon as they are available
  • Full details of IBG titles will appear in the corresponding edition of Buyer’s Notes and throughout the month on bertams.com.
  • Those IBG members who do not return the order form by the pre-order deadline will automatically have 30 titles from the traditional IBG list added to their dues and children’s members will automatically have 20 titles from the children’s IBG list added to their dues.
  • The discount for each monthly cycle will be available for 3 and a half months.

Terms & Conditions

  • The minimum membership term is 6 months
  • As an IBG member, no promotion codes will be required and you will have been set up to receive the discounts automatically
  • The IBG discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer (ie a ‘plus 5% promotion cannot be used on top of the IBG discount)
  • Any additional orders should be placed via your usual ordering methods and will adopt the increased discount automatically
  • If you are an active and continuing member of the traditional IBG (30 books per month) you will be eligible for an overall 6% returns allowance (unless otherwise agreed), allocated and based on total quarterly retail sales (as per the current returns system)
  • Standard returns will apply for children’s IBG members
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