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Bertline 10: Giving you the edge

Bertline 10 is the leading bookshop stock control system in the UK with more independent bookshop users than all other systems combined. Bertline is a completely open system with no restrictions on who you can order from. It has been designed and developed with the aim of meeting the needs of independent bookshops, by providing the most usable system available. Developed over many years with year on year updates and primarily focussed on providing customers with what they need in a simple usable package, Bertline now heads the list of bookshop systems.

Bertline provides all you need to electronically manage stock control in a bookshop. The key features are:

  • A comprehensive on-line title search using integrated Nielsen Bookdata to answer the most difficult of customer queries
  • Bertline is a complete stock management tool, stock records are not just restricted to books or even items with barcodes
  • Fast one touch customer and stock ordering utilising web service technologies
  • Order / don’t order reordering system to make sure you have the right titles in stock from any supplier
  • Keep on top of customer orders with account management screens displaying current order status
  • Choice of goods-in methods designed to provide optimum efficiency no matter the type of delivery or supplier

In addition to the standard must-have features listed above, Bertline also provides a lot of ancillary functions aimed at both supporting those standard features and also giving additional functionality:

  • A self managed list function that can be used for rolling stock takes, off-site sales, loans and much more
  • Compile lists using a low cost hand held scanner that can be used anywhere, in the shop or off-site to record sales, produce orders – anything you can think of
  • Create customer invoices direct from customer orders with no tedious re-keying of ISBNs with line level discount control
  • Link customer invoices direct to Sage accounts
  • Automatically authorise returns using a web based returns function
  • Keep on top of information with our very comprehensive suite of over thirty built in reports detailing anything from sales, orders, stock turnover, aged stock, customer records and much more. The integrated report designer means that if it isn’t there then we will create it for you
  • Six days a week technical support

And now we have a fully featured, touch screen EPOS system.

Bertline has been integrated with Open Bravo the most widely used open source Electronic Point of Sale software currently in use throughout the world. A very simple to use but feature rich system and because it is Open Source means we can provide Open Bravo software free of charge.


Contact Us

For more information please contact our friendly Bertline Support Team via email bertlinesupport@bertrams.com or call 01603 648321