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Bertline Endorsements

Guy Cooper, Scarthin Books

We acquired the Bertline system 10 years ago and have been very happy with it. It has proved an extremely valuable and necessary part of our business, easy to use and the various upgrades have added very useful data and facilities. The Bertline support team have always been friendly and highly efficient at solving problems and for a system with this high level of functionality, it has proved remarkably resilient and trouble-free. We look forward to the next version!

Ian B Nicholson, Alison's of Tewkesbury

Alison's bookshop have enjoyed using Bertline 301 for a full 10 years. It gives us as an Independent a professional, affordable and thorough system. New staff easily pick up the core basics, and then develop the skills to utilise the full facilities of 301. We know it helps us run an efficient customer friendly quality service to our customers, and we have the reassurance of Bertline support if and when we rarely need it. Over the last ten years we have seen 301 develop through various upgrades, and we look forward to 401 to welcome in this new decade.

Dan Fenton, John Sandoe Books Ltd.

We have always found Bertline 301 to be an extremely reliable and flexible programme  It has helped us keep track of our stock and, crucially, to deal quickly and efficiently with customer orders, and has undoubtedly contributed to the high standard of service which we want our own customers to experience. It is no exaggeration to say that the team at the helpdesk has always gone out of its way to answer our questions, and it is a great and rare pleasure for us to have been dealing with the same people for as long as we have been using the programme – for ten years or so. 

Hazel Broadfoot, Village Books

We have been using Bertline to run our shops for many years. We find it an invaluable tool that allows us to give quick and efficient customer service, and to manage our stock effectively – essential in the current financial climate. Its buying, stock management, returns and goods in all work with the minimum of effort and maximum speed, and its reports module is genuinely useful.... From time to time we have evaluated other systems and have always come to the conclusion that Bertline is the best and most cost effective system available to independent booksellers.