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Handy Hints & Tips

Deleted Slips

  • We can now supply you with a custom Bertline report which will recover deleted slips for you

Customer Notification

  • Do not forget you can now automatically e-mail and SMS your customers when their books arrive in the shop


  • When you do a Nielsen Bookdata online search (the blue n in title search) you may want to search for a title or author like 'Dostoevsky' but are not sure of the spelling. If you enter the beginning of the word then use * (hold down the shift key and 8 on your keyboard),  so your keyword in the search field should be dost* you will get back the books that have words commencing with dost in the title or author

Exact Matches

  • If you're using the Nielsen Bookdata online search (the blue 'n') you can get an exact match in your title search by surrounding the title with Pipes '|' (found to the left of your 'Z' key on your keyboard whilst holding down the shift key) i.e. '|It|'
  • Did you know Bertline can use your supplier invoices from Batch for Goods in?
  • Loading lists of ISBN’s for ordering is easy in Bertline
  • Ctrl+C will copy any cell you are currently highlighting in Bertline
  • Ctrl+V will paste it into your web browser for searching