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Status Codes

Status codes for stock titles are shown below
For Status codes for special items, please click here


Bertrams Code Description Mapping to BIC Code Description
ABD Publication abandoned    
CAN Title cancelled    
LSI Lightning Source    
MO3 Min order 3    
NB Non basic, ordered from pub    
NE New edition NE New edition
NLS No longer stocked    
NS Not stocked NQ Not stocked
OP Out of print OP Out of print
OS Out of stock    
OSP Out of stock at pub OS Out of stock
    OB Temporarily out of stock
    TU Temporarily unavailable from pub
POD Print on demand MD Manfacture on demand
PPD Pub preparing despatch    
    IP In print and in stock
    OO On order
RPR Reprinting RP Reprinting
RPU Reprinting under consideration UC Unavailable
ST Stock take ST Stock take
TC Title cancelled by pub AB Publication abandoned
    PK HB out of print
    PK PB out of print
    OF Format out of print
    RE Awaiting reissue