The Twenty Three

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Author: Linwood Barclay (Click to search)
Series: Promise Falls (Click to search)
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
ISBN: 9781409146551 (1409146553) 
Format: Book /  Paperback (Click to search for other formats)
Publication Date: 2017-03-09 00:00:00.0
RRP:  7.99 GBP
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RRP: 7.99 GBP
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The third spellbinding thriller set in the troubled town of Promise Falls

Bertrams Buyer's Notes:

The final title in the }Promise Falls{ trilogy, from bestselling author, Linwood Barclay, is a thrilling and spellbinding tale. As more unexplained trouble - and murder - descends on the town of Promise Falls, Detective Barry Duckworth is starting to wonder if all these sinister incidents are related and why they involve the number 23.

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