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Recovering Lost Ground: A Biblical Response to Loss

By author: Richard Maybery
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Main Description

The subject of loss affects every sphere of life. Many experience the trauma of losing a job, the collapse of a marriage, the loss of friends and family, the pain of never feeling loved or a long held dream and hope left unrealised. This sense of profound loss, even failure, leaves a gaping vacuum in our lives that if left unhealed can result in pain, despair and negativity, separating us from a meaningful relationship with God and others. Aimed at encouraging the reader this book provides a reference point to move forward from a place of emptiness. The author demonstrates from scripture how to overcome mindsets built upon the past and find practical steps to experiencing a fresh hope for the future. There are pointers in this book that will help you find a new perspective to view yourself as someone treasured by God - to find a way forward and set you on a path to recover that which the locust has eaten. About the author Richard Maybery (PhD) is the senior pastor of the Father's House Christian Fellowship in Cape Town, South Africa. It is a multicultural community that has a passion for the Word of God, the Presence of God and serving the poor. He founded the Berean Theological College in Siliguri, India and teaches leaders in the areas of healing, pastoral care, and pastoral models of leadership and prophecy. He is married to Jacqui and they have two children.